PARD NV007A Wildboar-Pack (No Laser)

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PARD NV007A German Wildboar-Pack

Clip-on Nightvision (German Version, without laser)

VERSION 2020: PARD NV007-A  Gen.2

This PARD NV007-A night vision device, is the newest 2020 version "German Model" with a 1024x768 Sony OLed display (without target laser and reticle).
The PARD NV007 is a compact and lightweight (250g) digital dual-use day- and night vision device,  this hight-tech clip-on nightnightvision device allows a quick and easily convertion from your normal rifle scope into a state of the art night viewer.

It is a high quality and budget-friendly clip-on night vision device, wich is uses to great satisfaction by a lange number of hunters worldwide.
In mai 2021 PARD has launched a new model: the PARD NV007S. This model in the PARD NV007 series is more compact and is available in 2 versions (IR-illuminator 850nm or 940nm). PARD will continue the production of the PARD NV007A as well.

All PARD NV007 Models can be easily mounted onto the rear of your rifle scope. For the best attach we generally advise the PARD Universal Adapter, which allows you to mount the PARD NV007 on almost every rifle scope. For some rifle scopes a special mounting adapter is required (Swarowski Z6i and Z8i, Zeiss V8 and Duralyt and Leica Magnus).

Unlike most clip-on night vision, the PARD NV007 is rear mounted. The advantage of this is less transmission loss due to the coating of the optic lenses,
which makes it possible to observe game even in poorer light conditions.
Thanks to the built-in IR illuminator you have a good and clear view, even in complete darkness (in normar weater conditions) far over 200 meters.

PARD NV007 features

- Eyepiece resolution 1024x768 (Oled display)
- Record photo and video on micro SD card
(1080P HD Full color day-time und 1080P HD night-time recording in MP4)
- Built in Wifi allows viewing and recording via phone or tabled, using the dedicated app (IOS and Adroid compatible)
- Powered by a single 18650 flat top Li-Ion battery
- Up to 8 hours run time (depending on built-in IR and Wifi usage)

- Recoil rated up to .308 caliber or 5000J
- Menu and operation in different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech and Russian)

PARD NV007 is available in different models / versions


 "Standard" Version WITH Laser / Red-dot
"No Laser" Version  WITHOUT Laser / Red-dot

The only difference between the two models is the "No Laser" Version WITHOUT built-in IR-illuminator / red-dot.
(none of the NV007 models has a own (digital) reticle, this is only the case with the PARD NV008 and PARD thermal scopes, that are equiped with a own digital reticle)


PARD NV007 12mm lens
PARD NV007 16mm lens

The 12mm version has a smaller magnification (1,5x) in comparision with the 16mm version (2x), this gives the 12mm version a lager field of view. On the othet hand, the 16mm version has a greater light transmission wich geves a better image in poor light conditions. However, these differences are almost invisible.
From our own experience we advise most customers a PARD NV007 with 16mm lens.


PARD NV007 12mm Lens:

- Combined with rifle scope with lowest magnification 5x or bigger
- For hunting on shorth distances max. 50-60 meters (forrest hunting)
- Combined with rifle scopes for which a special adapter is required. (using these special adapters mostly resluts in a bigger distance between the PARD en the scope)

PARD NV007 16mm Lens:

- Combined with rifle scope with maximum magnification 5x or variable magnification
- For hunting on long as well as short distances (if you usually shoot at close range 30-50 meters, consider a PARD NV007 12mm)



Night Vision NV007-A 
Type: nightvision monocular / clip-on nightvision
Lens: 12mm or 16mm
Focus range: 3cm -
Optical zoom: 1,5x (12mm lens) or 2x (16mm lens)
Digital zoom: 1x - 3,5x
Screen resolution:  OLED 1024x768
Photo Resolution: 2608x1944 , 5MP
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 , 2MP (30fps)
IR illuminator (built in): 5w / 850nm
IR Range: > 200meter
Laser beam:  -
Rangefinder:  -
Wifi: WIFI APP (Android and IOS)
Battery: 18650 cell
Battery Oper. Time: 4 to 8 hours
Memory card support: Micro SD, up to 32GB
Output: micro USB, HDMI
Dimensions: 135x96x47 mm
Weight:  250g
Operating temperature: -20˚C to +55˚C
Storage temperature: -25˚C to +60˚C
Recoil rated: up to .308 cal. or 5000J
Waterproof:  -
Mount (rifle/scope): Adapter 42mm, 45mm or 48mm
Warranty: 2 years PARD-warranty

Note: This item requires an external battery charger. The micro-USB port is for transferring data, NOT for charging.
Charging via the USB port may damage the product, it is not covered by the warranty.


Package includes:

PARD NV007A (Wildboar-Pack)
1x PARD NV007-A 12mm or 16mm clip-on nightvision (without laser)
1x PARD Universal Adapter for eyepiece 36-47mm
1x Micro SD card 32gb (including SD adapter)
1x Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery
1x XTAR PB2 Powerbank / USB-charger
   (including 2x 18650 Samsung Li-ion battery 3450mah)
1x Universal recoil pad

2x Spare "o" ring
2x Allen wrench
1x USB cable
1x Protective bag
1x User manual

Our PARD products are 100% original !!!

We offer a 2 year PARD factory warranty on all PARD night vision goggles supplied by us

- We are Dutch PARD importer and receive our PARD products directly from the factory.

- All our PARD products are registered by unique serial numbers (our registered products have full manufacturer warranty)

- In case of a defect (within the PARD waranty) the product will be checked by us and repaired free of charge by us or in the official PARD workshop.

- Our PARD products always come with the latest software version.