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PARD NV007S 850nm (German version)

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PARD NV007S 850nm (No laser)

Digital nightvision clip-on scope


MODEL: PARD NV007S with built-in 850nm IR illuminator

The PARD NV007S night vision is the latest model in the PARD NV007 series.
This further developed PARD NV007S is now even more compact and weighs only 256g (without battery)
Because the battery is positioned vertically, the total length of this viewer is shorter.

Just like the PARD NV007A, the PARD NV007S is equipped with 1024x768 Sony OLed display.
The new Full-HD sensor detects with 1080p and photo (2595x1944) and video (1920x1080) recording is possible on a micro SD card.
Furthermore, the keys and operation are now completely silent, and the focusing has been simplified by a small wheel on the side.

This new model offers 2 wavelength options of the IR illuminator, 850nm and 940nm
  • IR illuminator 850nm has a longer range (for the longer distance / field hunters)
  • IR illuminator 940nm has a shorter range but is completely invisible for wildgame (short distance hunting in a forest for example)

All PARD NV007 models can be quickly and easily mounted on your rifle scope by means of the included mounting adapter with bayonet connection. We however recommend the universal quick-release adapter for the best and fastest installation. There are also some rifle scopes for which special mounting adapters are required. Unlike most other clip-on / front scopes, the PARD NV007 is mounted on the eyepiece (eye) side of a rifle scope. The advantage of this is that there is no transmission loss due to the coating of the lenses of the rifle scope, so you can recognize wild game clearly even in poor light conditions.
Thanks to the built-in focusable IR illuminator, this viewer provides an extremely sharp image in complete darkness (in good weather) up to> 200 meters.

Features of the PARD NV007S

- IR illuminator of your choice with a wavelength of 850nm or 940nm
- OLED display 1024x768
- Photo and video recording possible on micro SD card
(1080P HD Full color day-time video recording and 1080P HD night-time video recording, in MP4)
- LIVE image transfer via Wifi, to smartphone or tablet via a special APP (IOS and Android compatible)
- 18650 Li-ion battery (4-7 hours at room temperature)
- Power bank / external power supply via USB possible
Shock proof up to caliber .308 / 30-06
- IP67 waterproof
- Multi language menu / controls

The PARD NV007S is only available in the 16mm lens version

Key features:

Night Vision NV007-S
Type: nightvision monocular / clip-on nightvision
Lens: 16mm
Focus range: 3cm -
Optical zoom: 2x 
Digital zoom: 4x - 14x
Screen resolution:  OLED 1024x768
Photo Resolution: 2595x1944 , 5MP
Video Resolution: 1920x1080 , 2MP (30fps)
IR illuminator (built in): 5w 850nm / 5w 940nm
IR Range: 280-300 meter
Laser beam:  -
Rangefinder:  -
Wifi: WIFI APP (Android and IOS)
Battery: 18650 cell
Battery Oper. Time: 4 to 8 hours
Memory card support: Micro SD, up to 32GB
Output: micro USB, HDMI
Dimensions: 102x75x118 mm
Weight:  256g
Operating temperature: -20˚C to +55˚C
Storage temperature: -25˚C to +60˚C
Recoil rated: up to .308 cal. or 5000J
Waterproof: IP67 / IPX7
Mount (rifle/scope): Adapter 45mm or 48mm
Garantie: 2 years PARD warranty

Package includes:

1x PARD NV007-S 16mm New model 2021, with 850nm IR illuminator
1x PARD mounting adapter 45mm or 48mm
3x PARD reducing ring
1x Micro SD card 32GB (incl. SD adapter)
1x rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery
2x spare "o" ring
2x Allen key
1x USB cable
1x protective bag
1x Warranty card and manual (English)


We are a PARD importer and always have a large stock, which guarantees a fast delivery.

2-year PARD factory warranty on all PARD night vision devices are facilitated by our company.

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